• Bistro rough is unusual in the Hanzoon area,

    Perfect for banquets and parties with 10 or more adults

    It is a bistro specialty store.

    Company entertainment and year-end party, New year party, welcome party, alumni association etc.,

    You can use it in various scenes.

    Costs and cuisines are also available on request.

    Please consult us when making your reservation.

  • On a special day, special specialties

    In the bistro rough, the sommelier owner himself tasted and deliciously selected delicious wines.

    We list a fine wine that is reasonable and stuck to the taste.

    Please enjoy the marriage with the bistro of the chef once, by all means once.

    All-you-can-eat wine coupons are here .

  • Bistro rough original menu

    "Braised beef stew with red wine"

    A superb cooked thoroughly with red wine.

    It is a very popular menu that melts your tongue.

    Special cuisine which can be tasted only in bistro rough.

    Please try it once.